During Summer 2021 I worked for The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and in Anna Goldenberg's lab at the Vector Institute. The focus of my work is to take the work my advisor (Sana Tonekaboni) had recently done on representation learning for time series data and expand on it. With guidance from my advisor, I've explored different encoder architectures for the model, as well as ways to mitigate sampling bias by selecting neighborhoods of time series in a different way. I've had the great pleasure to explore some interesting ideas in Information Theory, Variational Inference, and generative models. We are also working on applying this work to an ICU dataset from SickKids.

UofT AI is a student led group focused on bringing students from a variety of majors and backgrounds into the field of AI. I joined in early 2020, and quickly became involved in various projects, the largest of which is ProjectX: This is a 3 month long machine learning research competition focused on solving important problems related to climate change (see more details on the Projects page). I've also helped to put out a monthly newsletter that informs readers on the latest developments and opportunities in AI. During the summer of 2020 I helped organize weekly paper readings where we'd take an important (and usually technical) paper from the field of ML and discuss it. I've also helped cultivate a partnership with AI Commons to develop an introductory machine learning curriculum for various cohorts around the world (we had cohorts from Ghana, Algeria, Kenya, Mexico, and many more). I helped make sure the team was on track, developed labs on Google Colab for many of the topics so students could get hands on experience with the material, and personally designed and gave a lecture on popular clustering algorithms.
(All members of UofT AI, including myself, are unpaid)

Tyler Technologies:
Tyler Tech is a massive provider of software for the public sector. I interned at Tyler for 2 summers on the software support team for a product called Munis. I worked on various projects and tasks while working at Tyler. Part of my time was focused on assisting customers with technical issues, through which I gained experience in both great communication as well as using SQL (when we had to fix mistakes in their database). I also did some data and text analysis for them: We exported a few spreadsheets of support case data and I applied some basic key word extraction and manipulation to gather information on common issues customers experienced with different releases of Munis. This informed some recommendations I made to my superiors at the end of my internship.

Anania and Associates:
I interned at this local private equity firm between my junior and senior year in high school. The company owns majority or full stakes in many Maine businesses, including Elmet Technologies (a metal producer). I worked with another intern (a college student) to help update the Elmet website to include ecommerce functionality using WordPress. I also designed and developed a simple iOS app that allowed Elmet employees to quickly calculate weights given the metal type, product type, and dimensions.